Vehicle Approvals

Please find below a list of approvals that the Voyager MPV range of taxis and minibuses has obtained.  Each vehicle with a VCA approval is supplied with both the low volume and ECWVTA certificate.

Renault NX8/Rural Bus

VCA Approval

The Renault NX8 taxi and the Renault Rural Bus have been M1 tested and VCA approved.  Under the British National Type Approval, the NX8 and the Rural Bus are low volume vehicles.

The NX8 taxi and the Rural Bus are based on the Renault Trafic minibus which, itself, has been approved under the European Community Whole Vehicle Type Approval or ECWVTA.

Accord Produit

As part of our ongoing relationship with Renault UK and Renault France, Voyager MPV is now certified to their stringent 'Accord Produit' standards. 

As the only manufacturer in the taxi and private hire market to hold this certification, we believe that this demonstrates our absolute commitment to build both taxis and minibuses to the highest standards.

Citroen LC7/LC7e

VCA Approval

The Citroen LC7 and LC7e taxis are also thoroughly tested to M1 standards and they too hold VCA approval for a low volume vehicle under the British National Type Approval.

Based on the Citroen Dispatch Combi, the base vehicles are also manufactured to European Community Whole Vehicle Type Approval (ECWVTA).

Mercedes MX7

VCA Approval

The Mercedes MX7 taxi is the latest vehicle in the Voyager range to undergo M1 testing and to obtain VCA approval.  Under the British National Type Approval, the MX7 taxi is also a low volume vehicle.

The MX7 is based upon the Mercedes Vito Traveliner which holds an ECWVTA or European Whole Vehicle Type Approval certificate.