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Lots of our drivers have discovered the benefits of Dipetane, have you discovered them yet?

Dipetane is a fuel treatment solution which delivers more miles with less fuel. Dipetane reduces your fuel cost by improving economy by up to 15%. Dipetane burns the extra carbon which usually leads towards carbon deposit build-up. Through burning the extra carbon, more energy is released, resulting in more power and improved MPG. The burning of the carbon also expands the life of both engine and oil.

How Dipetane Works Differently from Other Fuel Additives

Petrol powered vehicles experience more power and improved fuel economy whilst emission is reduced lowering the impact on the environment.

Diesel fuels treated with Dipetane bur so completely that carbon deposits are essentially eliminated in the combustion chamber leaving then as efficient as when they were new. Black Diesel smoke is eliminated and soot levels in oil are dramatically reduced.

If you didn’t already know the list of benefits from using Dipetane are pretty impressive!

  • Increases fuel economy by 10-15%.
  • Meets or exceeds all fuel specifications.
  • Dipetane is a 100% hydrocarbon product.
  • Cleans the fuel injectors and keeps them clean.
  • Lubricates fuel injection pump.
  • Extends engine life.
  • Burns away carbon deposits from the combustion chamber.
  • Cleans tanks and supply lines of sludge and heavy deposits.
  • Dipetane mixes readily with fuel requiring no further circulation.
  • Dipetane treated fuels actually burn cooler, significantly reducing nitrous oxide.
  • Dipetane has a longer stability life than diesel fuel or gasoline.
  • Protects Injectors, Valves & pumps against lower sulphur fuels
  • Protects against DPF’s EGR’s, DOC’s & CATS against poorly combusting fuels.
  • Helps cars to pass the Emissions and smoke MOT test

How To Use Dipetane:

  • Simply fill up your vehicle with an amount of litres of fuel and then pour in the corresponding amount of Dipetane, e.g. for 40 litres of fuel pour in 4 units of Dipetane.
  • Each bottle of Dipetane treats 200 litres of any fuel.
  • Use Dipetane for 2 to 3 fuel fill-ups to gain the full benefits.
  • Each division on the bottle treats 10 Litres
  • There is no danger from putting in too much Dipetane.
  • Dipetane is designed for continuous use.
  • Dipetane helps to pass the NCT emission tests

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