Behind The Scenes
With Voyager MPV


Did you know that Voyager MPV is a family run company with almost 30 years in the industry! With the company’s owner Vincent O’Leary still building conversions himself between working on new and exciting ways to convert different vehicles! Design seems to run in his blood, you can’t open a door at our headquarters without seeing a new prototype. This isn’t just a business this is a way of life that the full Voyager MPV family embrace! Each Voyager Vehicle Expert has months of rigorous training to ensure their work meets the Voyager standard that our customers have come to depend on.

Vehicle technology has come a long way in the last 30 years however every vehicle we convert is still converted to the same standard it was 30 years ago when just one or two vehicles were going out at a time. A quality the company never want to lose! As a business grows the work should grow with it, more vehicles mean more staff not more stain on existing staff.

The time it takes to convert, check and safety test vehicles has not changed, we still give each conversion the same amount of attention as we always have. That is why we believe we are the best in the industry and why are customers return to us for every new vehicle.

We wouldn’t sell anything we didn’t believe in or use ourselves! We realise that the purchase of a vehicle is a big deal, coming second to your house in value, we also realise that without having your vehicles on the road you can’t earn a living. We aren’t interested in having you come back with issue, we want you to come back in the future when YOU are ready for a new vehicle. Everything we sell, we have tested on our own vehicles, if we are putting our name to it, we want to know it’s the best.

When looking for different fuel additive/supplements we spent two years testing various one in Vincent’s car before deciding on Dipetane. Some were very ropey, and we are pretty sure Vin’s car has not forgiven us! But this is how we can sell with passion and conviction!