Discover the Benefits of Dipetane


We are getting some great feedback about Dipetane. Lots of our customers and our team are now using Dipetane in their vehicles and discovering its benefits!

Here is one of our personal vehicles that we have been using Dipetane for more than two years! The MPG is better than it has ever been! (It’s a Porsche 911 Carrera, 3.8l, 400hp) And on its last MOT a couple of weeks ago the emissions were lower than we have ever seen!!

Still Wondering, Why Choose Dipetane?


IE Burning the carbon much more completely.

✅Helps to pass new MOT,DOE,NCT lower smoke,CO2 and NOx emission regulations.
✅Up to 10% Better Fuel Consumption
✅Up to 35% reduced ‘PROMPT’ NOx, this further reduces all NOx from Catalytic Converters.
✅ Increases fuel economy by 10-15%.
✅ Meets or exceeds all fuel specifications.
✅ Dipetane is a 100% hydrocarbon product.
✅ Cleans the fuel injectors and keeps them clean.
✅ Lubricates fuel injection pump.
✅ Extends engine life.
✅ Burns away carbon deposits from the combustion chamber.
✅ Cleans tanks and supply lines of sludge and heavy deposits.
✅ Dipetane mixes readily with fuel requiring no further circulation.
✅ Dipetane treated fuels actually burn cooler, significantly reducing nitrous oxide.
✅ Dipetane has a longer stability life than diesel fuel or gasoline.
✅ Protects Injectors, Valves & pumps against lower sulphur fuels
✅ Protects against DPF’s EGR’s, DOC’s & CATS against poorly combusting fuels.
✅ Helps cars to pass the Emissions and smoke MOT test

Not discovered the benefits yet! We are selling a litre bottle of Dipetane for £10 plus p&p! For more information call 01270 256 670 and speak to our friendly team or drop us a DM and we would be happy to help!