Still Better by Design™


We are racing towards our 30th birthday in the taxi and private hire industry, with less them 12 months until we celebrate the big 30 it is safe to say that being “Better by Design” is still our number one priority and the philosophy that has kept us in the industry so long!

How do Voyager MPV stay in poll position?

We listen to their customers.

29 years converting vehicles, shows we are doing something right, that something may be that we listen to our customers. Gemma at our head office speaks to our customers daily “Some of our customers spend more time in their vehicles then they do their homes, so it is important to us that the vehicles we provide work for our customers. We always want to know how we can make their vehicles better without them having to sacrifice quality”

We never stop designing.

Where there is a new minibus being released there is a need for a new conversion. And sometimes we just design conversions for fun! Not all mini buses are suitable to be converted for use as a taxi but it is fun trying to see if the Voyager MPV team can do it!

We work with local council.

With over 340 councils in England alone. Voyager MPV knows that communication is key to staying ahead. New licensing laws and bylaws take time to be implemented, by taking time to get to know our customers and their local councils it really gives us an advantage when it comes to quick turn arounds on our  vehicle conversions.

We work with the manufactures.

Voyager MPV are proud to say that we are officially approved by all the manufactures we buy from. Lee who has been a Voyager vehicle expert for 4 years said “it makes us proud of our work when the manufacturers approve us as a trusted vehicle converter, it shows they believe and are happy with the quality of our work. It is a great feeling”. When you buy a Ford, Vauxhall or Renault from Voyager MPV, you can rest assured that the vehicle conversion has also been approved by the manufacturer.

Call Voyager MPV today on 01270 256 670 and see why we believe in design and quality!